Friday, 24 February 2012

McTear's attracts International Silver ...

Silver continues to attract much attention at auction. However, due to its relatively soft and pliable characteristics, fine jewelry created from pure silver can be easily damaged. As a result, it is commonly alloyed with other metals, usually copper, to produce a stronger precious metal. 

At our Silver, Ceramics & Glass, Asian works of Art auction earlier this week we sold various silver pieces from around the world. Two fine examples from this sale are lots 1511 and 1527:
Lot 1527 Indian Silver Bowl

Lot 1511 Indian Silver Inlaid Spittoon 
Also featured in the auction were pieces from the UK and America. American hallmarks differ from British hallmarks considerably. We can compare lot 1450, a silver cigarette box which bears the Birmingham hallmark of an anchor which sold for £120, with lot 1462, a pair of American Sterling silver candelabra which sold for £400:
Lot 1450 Silver Cigarette Box 
Lot 1462 Sterling Silver Candelabra

Again, we hope you enjoyed the Auctions in February and we look forward to seeing you in our upcoming auctions in March.

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