Friday, 22 February 2013

Sketches by Scott

With McTear's Gallery 1842's 'Pastel Sketches by Scott Carruthers' online timed auction well under way, we thought it would be interesting to find out some more about him.

Scott Carruthers is one of the most successful artists working in Scotland today, with his work being hugely popular at auction. His official website describes his work as 'Original and thought provoking inspired by children and childhood', along with a quote from Scott himself:

"Come on in. Welcome to my world. It's a little different. But what you'll find will be familiar. Because every one has a story, and everyone has a story."

Originally born in 1975 in New Zealand, he now lives and works in Perth. on his move to Scotland, he signed with Washington Green Fine Art Publishers in 2008, after being a self taught artist painting commercially since 2007. In 2009 he became a full time professional artist and is now working independently and represented by galleries around the UK, with exhibits in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Toronto.

Talking about his work, Scott focuses on his interpretation of life with the adventures of childhood being at the heart of his paintings. The use of metaphors to illustrate these stories can allow for different understandings of the paintings to be made by different people. He aims to make his paintings thought provoking, providing a platform for the viewer to get lost in their imagination and create a nostalgic feel to it. The reason behind the vacant backgrounds is to ensure that focus is on the narrative which is often the objects, symbols and the children themselves.

Gallery 1842 are extremely fortunate to be showcasing his new series of pastel drawings for the first time, but make sure you get on to it quick as the auction will close on the 26th of January. 

Here's some of the drawings that are up for grabs:

Lot 4: DON`T LET GO pastel
Lot 6: MAKE A WISH pastel
Lot 15: LOVE YOU pastel

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